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Install any Script in 3 Simple Steps !


Choose Software App

To install a software script, go to the Softaculous admin panel in the cPanel Control Panel and choose your desired script from the selection of over 450 available applications.


Fill Out Details

To set up your website, please give us your domain name and admin details, including the installation URL, email, and login information. Our automated script installer will then take care of the installation process for you.


Launch New Site

Congratulations, your new website is now ready for use! You can start adding content and begin using your website to engage with your customers.

Top Softaculous Scripts with Auto Installer

With Softaculous Auto Installer you can install 450+ Software Apps with Just 1-Click


Softaculous Hosting

Softaculous Auto Script Installer is available in all our shared and reseller web hosting packages by default. It provides access to nearly 450 software applications and is recognized as the leading auto-installer in the web hosting industry. The user-friendly interface is integrated into cPanel, enabling easy installation of any script with just a few clicks.



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