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Hostao Standard Reseller Features

All our reseller plans Offer the following GREAT! Features for Free


Standard Reseller Features

At Hostao, we offer a variety of reseller plans that come packed with amazing features at no additional cost. Whether you’re a web developer, a small business owner, or just someone looking to resell web hosting services, our plans have got you covered.


WordPress Optimised

Our servers are optimized for WordPress and other CMS, providing security, reliability, and optimal performance. You can easily install, upgrade, and secure WordPress from our control panel with just a click.

Hack Protection

CageFS Protection

CageFS is a virtual filesystem that isolates each user's data and processes, preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive information. This helps improve server performance, stability, and security.

Daily Backups

Automated Backups

Our reseller plans come with free automated daily and weekly backups for all your customer's website files, MySQL databases, and emails, so you can relax knowing their data is safe.

Free Domain Reseller

Free Domain Reseller

With our reseller plans, you'll get a comprehensive domain reseller account equipped with a WHMCS plugin that streamlines domain selling on your website.

Free Legal Documents

Free Legal Documents

Save money on lawyer fees and legal document creation. Get free prebuilt, customizable web hosting terms of service, AUP, and more.


WHM and cPanel

Our reseller plans include Web Hosting Manager with full reseller features and cPanel as the end user control panel, fully customizable with your brand.

LetsEncrypt SSL

LetsEncrypt SSL Certs

Our reseller plans provide free unlimited LetsEncrypt SSL certificates. You can easily manage all your clients' SSL certificates using our cPanel plugin.

Free WHMCS License

Free WHMCS License

MailChanWHMCS is the ultimate solution for web hosting resellers. Our reseller plans include a free Standard $15/mo WHMCS license for all-in-one customer billing and support management.

Merchant Account

Merchant Account

We've teamed up with multiple payment processors to provide free merchant accounts to our resellers. These providers accept customers worldwide, and you can get started in minutes.

SitePad Builder

SitePad Builder

SitePad is a user-friendly website builder with 350+ templates, included free with standard and VIP reseller plans. Corporate plans also come with the SitePro site builder.

Overselling Enabled

Overselling Enabled

We believe in providing our resellers with maximum value for their investment. That's why we've enabled overselling option in WHM for all our reseller hosting plans, giving you more than what you paid for.

Auto Script Installer

Auto Script Installer

Softaculous, the leading auto-installer with 450+ apps, comes free with all our reseller plans. Install any script with just a few clicks using its easy-to-use interface integrated into cPanel.

Website Migration

Free Website Migration

We offer free migration of your primary reseller account and client accounts. Our experienced support staff performs hundreds of reseller migrations daily, ensuring a seamless transfer to our platform.

Attracta SEO Tools

Attracta SEO Tools

Our reseller hosting plans include the award-winning SEO service plugin, Attracta, for free. Attracta helps small businesses improve their search engine ranking and drive more traffic to their websites.

White Labele

White Labeled Servers

Our hosting is 100% white-labeled. You can run your web hosting business, backed up by us, under your own brand. Our servers, name servers, hostnames, IP’s white labeled so your clients will never know about us.

CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare is a global content delivery network that can speed up website loading times by serving content from a server located close to the website visitor. It also enhances security by blocking potential threats before they can reach the website.

100% SSD Servers

100% SSD Servers

All of our standard reseller servers utilize SSD drives, which are significantly faster than traditional spinning drives. However, our Corporate VIP servers use V-NAND NVMe drives, which are 200% faster than standard SSD drives.

Cloudlinux OS

Cloudlinux OS

CloudLinux enhances server security, stability, and performance by utilizing a Lightweight Virtualized Environment for each user on the server. This is different from traditional servers where all users are hosted on a single file system.

DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection

We offer free basic DDOS protection with all our reseller plans. Our anti-DDOS protection system protects websites against small to medium attacks. However, we do not allow high-risk DDOS clients on our network to ensure the safety and security of our servers.

Multiple PHP Versions

Multiple PHP Versions

We offer support for multiple PHP versions, and you can easily switch to your preferred version with just a click of a button. You can even have multiple PHP versions within the same cPanel account.

Live Chat Support

24/7 Live Chat Support

We are proud to offer real 24/7 live technical support to our reseller hosting customers, which sets us apart from many other providers. Our experienced support team is available round-the-clock to assist with any technical issues related to reseller hosting.

Response Guarantee

Response Guarantee

We guarantee a maximum response time of 1 hour for all technical support requests. However, our average response time is between 20-30 minutes, and many of our resellers prefer to use our live chat for real-time technical support.

30 Day Money Back

30 Day Money Back

Many web hosting companies provide a money-back guarantee of only 10-15 days. However, we are extremely confident in our service and offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Uptime Guarantee

We offer a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee with an SLA (Service Level Agreement). This means that your web server is guaranteed to be operational 99.9% of the time in any calendar month, or we will refund your money.

VIP & Corporate Reseller Features

Get these EXCLUSIVE! Features Free with VIP or Corporate Plans

All 26 Features

All 26 Standards Reseller Features +

Our VIP and Corporate VIP plans offer all the features included in our standard reseller plans, as well as additional premium features to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

End-User Support

End-User Support

You can focus on managing your business while we handle customer support for you! We will respond to your customers' support requests through your own help desk anonymously.

50% Discount

40% Reseller Discount

You can get a 40% recurring discount on USA-dedicated servers when selling them to your customers. Our dedicated servers are completely white labeled, meaning your clients won't know about us.

50% Reseller Discount

50% Reseller Discount

Get a huge 50% recurring discount when you sell our USA-dedicated servers to your customers. Our dedicated servers are fully white-labeled, so your clients will never know about us.

NVMe Storage

NVMe Storage - 2X Faster Than SSD

NVMe SSDs offer a significant speed boost compared to traditional SATA drives, with speeds up to 900% faster. Even the latest SSD drives can't match the speed of NVMe SSDs, which are 200% faster. And when it comes to V-NAND NVMe SSDs, the performance reaches a whole new level.


Powerful LiteSpeed Webserver

Our web server, LiteSpeed, offers website loading speeds up to 300% faster than Apache, making it an ideal choice for handling traffic spikes and DDoS attacks while keeping servers running stable. It is widely recognized as the best commercial web server available today.

Dedicated IP

Free Dedicated IP

Please note that this offer is no longer available. However, we still offer our USA Corporate VIP Reseller plan which comes with many other great features to help you grow your business. Please contact our sales team to learn more.

Chat for MCW

LIVE End-User Sales Chat for MCW

We offer 24/7 live sales chat exclusively for MyCompnayWeb users. Our agents are branded under your company name and are available to assist your clients with any sales-related questions.

SitePad Builder

SitePro Responsive Website Builder

Our cloud-based website builder makes it easy for users to create websites without requiring any special knowledge. It also allows your clients to manage their own websites with ease.

Cloud Email

Spam FREE MailChannels Cloud Email

MailChannels is a service that helps to avoid issues with email delivery caused by IP address blacklisting. This service guarantees 100% deliverability of your emails, eliminating any potential delivery problems that might occur with conventional email services.

Hosting Company

MCW, A Hosting Company in Minutes

Don't waste months creating your web hosting company. With MCW, you can have your professional hosting company up and running in just a few minutes.

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is a powerful acceleration plugin that helps speed up WordPress websites. It includes various optimization features such as server-level caching and image optimization, resulting in faster loading times for your website.

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