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Hostao offers ecommerce ready shared hosting in 25 data centers worldwide with cPanel, Web Site Builder, Corporate Email, Auto Script Installer, Cloudflare, hacker Protection, and Cloud Linux. Our servers are optimized for CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.


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Why Choose Our Shared Plans?


Powerful SEO Tools

Boost your website's search engine ranking with our powerful SEO tools, trusted by 4 million users. Easily manage and optimize your website's SEO right from your control panel with just a few clicks!


Spam FREE Cloud based Email

MailChannels Cloud ensures that your emails are delivered successfully without the risk of getting blacklisted due to IP address issues. Unlike traditional email services, MailChannels Cloud accepts all of your emails with a guarantee of uninterrupted delivery.


1 Click Auto Script Installer

Easily install over 300+ scripts, including WordPress, with our Softaculous script installer. With just one click, you can set up your CMS-based website in seconds and let Softaculous handle all maintenance tasks.


Transferring From Another Host?

Our Migrations Team is ready to help you transfer your content from your previous host to our platform for optimal performance. We can also transfer domain registrations from other registrars, giving you complete management of your entire online portfolio in one place.


We Are With You Every Step Of The Way!

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available 24/7/365 to support you, whether you are a seasoned Internet pro or just starting out with your first website. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and exceeding your expectations. Let us help you every step of the way on your hosting journey.


SitePad Responsive Website Builder

Our cloud-based website builder is designed to make website creation easy for anyone, even those without technical knowledge. It empowers your clients to manage their own websites effortlessly.

Cloud Flare

Cloud Flare Fast Global CDN

Cloud flare's Content Delivery Network consists of over 100 data centers around the world, allowing your website to be delivered to visitors based on their location. This results in faster page load speeds and improved SEO.


Unlimited FleetSSL SSL Certificates

The FleetSSL cPanel Plugin makes it easy for you and your customers to create and renew Let's Encrypt™ SSL certificates with just a few clicks from the cPanel control panel. Plus, there are no limits on the number of SSLs you can create, giving you and your customers added flexibility and security.


Super Platform Cloudlinux OS

CloudLinux enhances server stability by isolating each user and allocating them guaranteed server resources, creating an environment that provides a virtual server experience rather than a shared hosting account.


CageFS Hack Protection

CageFS is a user-oriented system that virtualizes and isolates each customer, preventing them from seeing each other's sensitive information and significantly reducing the risk of hacking attempts.

Our Guarantees


24/7 Friendly Support

We provide round-the-clock support from our in-house team who can not only resolve technical issues, but also provide the necessary guidance for you to succeed online.


99.9% Uptime with SLA

Ensuring your website is always available is our top priority. We back this commitment with our server uptime guarantee.


30 Day Guarantee

We offer a risk-free trial of our services! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your subscription within 45 days for a full refund.

Web Hosting Plan Features


Advance Features

Addon, Parked and Subdomains Multiple PHP Versions (5.2 to 7.1) Jail Shell / Cron Jobs / Ruby On Rails MariaDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL FTP / SSL / SSI / Perl / Python / CGI Zend Optimizer / IonCube Loader AWstats / Raw Access Logs ImageMagick / GD2 / MIME


Key Features

cPanel Control Panel CloudLinux Technology Attracta SEO Tools LSAPI LiteSpeed Technology Softaculous Auto Script Installer CloudFlare CDN Free SSL's Let's Encrypt Plugin Responsive Site Builder

Other features

Other Features

SMTP/ POP3 / IMAP Accounts MailChannels Cloud Email Auto Responders / Mailing Lists Roundcube, Horde, Squirrel Webmail Unlimited E-Mail Forwarders Spam Assassin DKIM and SPF Control

Other Features


Daily Offsite Backups

Discover the benefits of our high-performing server backup solutions and how they can enhance your website management experience. With easy access through cPanel, you can restore, download or access snapshots of your website anytime.


Safe & Secure

We have a team of trained professionals who monitor not only our physical locations but also our server software. You can rest assured that your website is safe and secure.


SuperCharged Servers

With the latest Intel Dual Xeon 5620 processors, 96GB ECC Grade RAM, powered by CloudLinux and LiteSpeed, our servers provide 9 times faster loading times for PHP web pages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multi-location cPanel Hosting

What is multi-location cPanel hosting?

Multi-location cPanel hosting refers to a hosting service that utilizes multiple data centers or server locations to host websites. It uses the cPanel control panel to manage and administer website-related tasks across multiple locations.

What are the advantages of multi-location cPanel hosting?

Multi-location cPanel hosting offers several benefits. It enhances website performance by reducing latency and providing localized hosting for different regions. It improves reliability by distributing website resources across multiple locations, ensuring redundancy and minimizing downtime. It also allows for targeted content delivery and compliance with data regulations of specific regions.

How does multi-location cPanel hosting work?

In multi-location cPanel hosting, the hosting provider operates data centers in different geographical locations. Each data center hosts a copy of the website, and the cPanel control panel is used to manage and synchronize website files, databases, and settings across these locations. When a visitor accesses the website, they are directed to the nearest server, improving website loading speed and user experience.

What is the purpose of having multiple server locations in cPanel hosting?

Having multiple server locations in cPanel hosting serves several purposes. It allows websites to be hosted closer to their target audience, reducing latency and improving website speed. It provides redundancy, ensuring that if one server or location experiences issues, the website can still be accessed from other locations. Additionally, it enables compliance with regional data regulations by hosting data in specific geographic locations.

Can I choose the server locations for my website in multi-location cPanel hosting?

The ability to choose specific server locations may depend on the hosting provider and their offerings. Some providers allow customers to select server locations, while others automatically route traffic to the nearest server based on visitor location. It is important to check with the hosting provider regarding their multi-location options and customization capabilities.

What should I consider when choosing a multi-location cPanel hosting provider?

When selecting a multi-location cPanel hosting provider, consider factors such as the number and locations of data centers, their network infrastructure, reliability and uptime guarantees, scalability options, data transfer policies, security measures, customer support quality, and pricing plans.

Is multi-location cPanel hosting suitable for all types of websites?

Multi-location cPanel hosting is beneficial for websites with a global or geographically dispersed audience. It is particularly useful for websites that require low latency, fast loading speeds, compliance with regional data regulations, and high availability. It can be suitable for various types of websites, including e-commerce stores, content-heavy websites, and businesses targeting specific regions.

Is multi-location cPanel hosting more expensive than traditional hosting?

The cost of multi-location cPanel hosting may vary depending on the provider and the specific features offered. While it may be relatively more expensive than traditional hosting options, the improved performance, redundancy, and regional compliance benefits make it a worthwhile investment for websites with specific geographical requirements.

Can I migrate my existing website to a multi-location cPanel hosting provider?

Yes, it is possible to migrate an existing website to a multi-location cPanel hosting provider. The migration process involves transferring website files, databases, and configurations to the new hosting environment. It is recommended to consult with the hosting provider for guidance or assistance in the migration process.

What level of technical support is provided for multi-location cPanel hosting?

Reputable multi-location cPanel hosting providers offer technical support to assist customers with server-related issues, website management, and troubleshooting. Support is typically provided through various channels, such as live chat, email, or phone. It is important to review the support options and response times offered by the hosting provider before making

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